20 May 2022
Neschen’s new PP wall-grip L-UV PVC-free version, which is billed as a more environmentally friendly alternative for wallcovering applications.

Make a more sustainable impact with wall coverings

Though increasing in popularity at a rapid rate, when it comes to producing printed wallcovering applications, print service providers are faced with a wide range of challenges that they must overcome in order to deliver high-quality work to customers.

At Drytac, we have seen clear gloss varnish being used much more effectively in wide-format print, with customers coming up with a range of innovative ways to add that extra bit of sparkle to applications with this tried and highly trusted technique.

Add an extra dimension to your graphics with clear varnish

Like its lamination cousin, varnishing was previously seen as a process that was only really useful for adding an extra layer of protection to a piece of printed work without impacting the image underneath.

One of the main cornerstones of ArtSystems’ success has been the relationships it has in place with both its channel and manufacturer partners.

LFR Spotlight feature on specialist UK distributor ArtSystems

Sitting between the manufacturers of wide-format printing hardware, and the resellers that end-users subsequently purchase from, is specialist distributor ArtSystems. Working as a logistics partner, stock warehouse and support provider for many of the industry’s largest and most-respected hardware and software brands, ArtSystems acts as a service provider on behalf of the manufacturers that resellers and print service providers subsequently buy from.

Opening Pandora’s Box? How to make Colour Management work for you.

Opening Pandora’s Box? Make Colour Management work for you

Remote colour management seems to be one of the latest buzz words in the industry, and for good reason. In theory, these products and solutions promise a whole host of benefits to the user that could completely overhaul the way they operate and make life a lot easier.

Recognising the potential of this technology early on, Mimaki is one company that has begun the shift to automated workflows.

Entering a new era of automation

All sectors, from automotive to aerospace to printing are entering into a new era coined “Industry 4.0”, representative of a more streamlined approach to production by utilising state of the art technologies to keep up with the increase in demand.

The world’s commercial printing market is projected to grow to $472.35 billion by 2026, up from $411.99 billion in 2020, according to research specialist Mordor Intelligence.

Five ways Print Service Providers can adapt for the future

The printing industry is finding its post pandemic feet. Although headwinds arising from rising costs and from the conflict in Ukraine are starting to make their presence felt.