21 May 2022

Mike Horsten Blogs for LFR: Keeping up with the printing world



Mike Horsten is the General Manager Marketing EMEA for Mimaki Europe BV, the subsidiary of Mimaki Engineering Japan, and we are delighted to welcome him as a Guest Blogger here on LFR.  Here we bring you the first in what we hope will be a series of blogs from key industry insiders.


Keeping up with the printing world

It used to be that we tried to keep up with the Smith Family, those ubiquitous neighbours who seemed to really have it all. If Mr. Smith got a new lawnmower, guess what? You did, too. But over the years, the rules of the game have changed. We now are not only trying to keep up with the Smith Family - we are also just trying to keep up with ourselves.

Studies have proven that the overall pace of life has increased by 10% worldwide since the mid-90s. In some places, it has even increased by 20%. And in the case of Singapore, it has increased an amazing 30% in the last ten years.

This points to the many technological advances as a possible explanation for our collective sense of urgency. The immediacy of communication has informed our perception of time. Today, ‘now' has become the new yesterday. As a result, we are left time-crunched, stressed, and overwhelmed.

But what are we racing toward? Chances are if you were to stop and really think about it, you wouldn't come up with a satisfactory answer. You might find an explanation (I don't have enough time; I have too much to do; I am so stressed!), but those reasons are not at the root of our frenzy.

They are merely the symptoms of a much larger issue at hand. The true cause of the race is our sense that time is a ‘waste'. We really believe that we don't have enough time left; consequently, we do not. In the paraphrased words of Shakespeare, nothing's true but thinking makes it so. If we were to embrace time-abundant thinking, my guess is we'd all be a lot happier, too.

We at Mimaki might have found a solution to this rat-race and time consuming problem (or how we might call it the human race).The new Mimaki JV300 solvent and CJV300 solvent print and cut printers. Faster and better than any solvent printer we have made before, more technology to support overnight printing, automatic nozzle outage detection, nozzle replacement and even an email notification system that details the status of the printer. With all these innovative technologies we believe we have given you back some of the lost time, so that you can again start enjoying this stressed out printing world.

Let's Create…together.


Mike Horsten has been with Mimaki Europe for more than 3 years and his responsibilities have been to expand the Mimaki brand name, marketing digital printing technologies and cutting solutions. His goal has been to expand the Mimaki brand into becoming the industry leader in not only the Sign Graphics markets but also the Industrial printing products and the new expanding textile and apparel world.

In his position he gives advice and vision to Mimaki Europe and its distributors and dealers growing the print industry and converting their current business model in more sustainable and green ways, without losing sight of company profitability and margin goals.

Mike has more than 30 years of production and International marketing experience. With inspirational ideas how to make vendors and suppliers work together to achieve a digital printing world.