28 Jun 2022

Video blog: How to win and close wide-format print business

Video blog: How to win and close wide-format print business.

Established in 2006 by brothers Jamie and Jason Xuereb, Mediapoint is Australia's largest trade-only flatbed and large format dedicated printer. Over time, the duo has adapted their sales strategy to survive any crisis – today’s being no different.

Jamie has recorded a series of videos to share his advice and ideas to improve any business. The video below talks through Jamie’s strategy for how to win and close new business. There are several considerations which can be actioned from a work from home environment and used in a sales environment further down the line.

mediapoint video 2 002



The review notes for easy reference:

Know who you are

Having a solid understanding and ethos behind your business will, in turn, enable you to market effectively with a specific target audience and aligned communications.

Price isn’t everything

Customers collect, on average, between one and four quotes prior to purchasing. The cheapest won’t necessarily win; they will be considering who you are and how you can help. This is another reason why it is so important to have a company ethos and personality.

Trust is key

Customers will use a print service provider that they trust. If you can reassure a customer you are credible and trustworthy, this is key. Not only for the initial closing of the sale, but also to establish a foundation upon which to build.

What are you worth?

Whilst price isn’t everything, customers are making business decisions. They will pay more if they can trust or see benefits such as reliability and superior quality.

Don’t just take my word for it

Having evidence to back up any statements of trust, reliability and quality will set you apart from competitors’ claims. Customer reviews are a great option for this, along with mentioning what print equipment you have/why it’s superior.

Be honest

Likeability is one thing, but synergy and understanding matter more. Be honest and upfront and people will respond positively to that.

Remove doubt

The evidence you provide will help to remove doubt and add reassurance. However, improving systems such as ordering processes will again show customers you are professional and to be trusted.

You have to start somewhere

Start by finding one thing to improve on (be that collecting reviews) and continue to do so for the months ahead. This will give you continual growth and, in time, using that one improved feature you will be head and shoulders above your competitors.

You can find more content from Jamie on the Mediapoint Blog.