21 May 2022

w3shop by Nettl - the easiest way to an online print shop

w3shop by Nettl - the easiest way to an online print shop.

Now you can use the same web-to-print platform powering printing.com, Nettl.com, Marqetspace and hundreds of online print shops around the world. Create your online print shop in 5 minutes and have it ready to take orders within 48 hours.

Introducing w3shop by Nettl.

£3 of every £10 is now spent online. 50% more than before the pandemic. Ecommerce was already growing substantially. The pandemic simply accelerated things. New online shoppers were forced to try it. And they liked it. Once habits form, behaviour changes forever. It seems certain more sales will happen online. And not just consumers. Because behind every B2B transaction is a human.

Most design, print and sign businesses have websites. They’re often delightfully pretty, loaded with portfolios of past work. Gleaming shots of shiny machines and impressive plant lists.

But it’s not enough.

Clients want to do more. Be honest, when did you last fill in a quote form? It’s easier to find a product and add it to your basket. And so that’s what clients do.

If you sell jam or shoes or cannabis oil or scooters or trombones or fish food, then an off-the-shelf ecommerce platform will work just fine. If you’re selling print, signs, posters, displays or personalised promotional items, it’s best to choose a specialist platform, designed with design in mind.

That’s w3shop by Nettl.

Are you already running an online store? Maybe you’ve listed some products you make in-house. It takes time, doesn’t it? Writing sales copy, keeping specifications up-to-date, calculating prices and taking product shots. What a burden. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone did all the merchandising for you? New products automatically listed as they’re launched. An instant product catalogue, ready-to-start selling. Today.

So that you can say yes more often, w3shop by Nettl has thousands of different product categories built-in. From banners to billboards. Bunting to beanbags. Fancy business cards to printed brollies. Meeting booths to sign boards. Vinyls. Metal. Fabric. Card. Paper. Glass. Acrylic. Extend your capability with infinite capacity. Everything clients need to promote their business, priced and ready-to-order, with free fast shipping direct from the factory to your client.

People are getting more expensive, so don’t waste their time on admin tasks. Every w3shop by Nettl comes with the most powerful back office on the planet – w3p. It’s used by thousands of users in hundreds of studios every day. It automates your workflow and allows your team to focus on building relationships and not repetitive tasks. Manage multiple online shops from one admin console.

Pick a ready-made boutique and launch your online print shop quickly. Each w3shop has twenty page types designed and ready to tweak. Use the built-in visual editor to change text and images directly on the page. Add new pages as you like. Create landing pages for products. Or centred around events or industries. Design pages in advance and publish later. You’re in control.

Out the box, your w3shop is configured to show every product in our huge range, at recommended retail price. That’s the price clients pay on printing.com. With just a few clicks, you can set your own pricing rules, globally or by category. Sell above the RRP or add a fixed discount. Turn off product categories you don’t want to sell. Show prices to everyone, or make users register to see them. It’s up to you.

Print isn’t just sold through public shops. Lots is sold through private portals. If you have clients with multiple teams, departments, branches or franchises, you can set up private shops in their brand style and colours. With a Template Pack, build online templates, directly from InDesign. Give them access to private templates for their frequently ordered marketing collateral, so they can edit self-service.

Every w3shop is loaded with a range that covers almost every print, sign and display product you can think of. If that’s not enough, you can add more. With our Production Pack, upload products you make in-house or source from other suppliers. They’re listed on your shop, just like other products. Set production paths through your factory and manage steps on a drag and drop Kanban dashboard.

No credit card required. Design your web-to-print store in three easy steps.

Get started at www.w3shop.com