28 Jun 2022

Written a book? Only your Mum wants a copy? Call Pixartprinting

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I know a lot of people that have considered writing a book, but the costs of publishing were prohibitive, so their dreams came to a grinding halt.

One guy I know did actually write a book, about his local non-league football team, and spent a small fortune getting a run of about 500 printed. Only his Mum and the local library bought a copy. The rest are probably still under his bed - because he's too mean to let anyone have a free copy.

I also remember reading an excellent book a few years ago, "Industrial Inkjet for Dummies", a short production run of informative goodness from print-head manufacturer XAAR. We had 2 or 3 copies floating around the office, we gave them to new staff with the instruction "Read this, it will explain a bit about the technology that our industry is built upon". More manufacturers should publish books of that nature - it conveys a certain gravitas when you publish a book, particularly if it's an informative one.

But how do you get around those prohibitive publication costs? Well luckily for you Pixartprinting have just added book printing to their extensive portfolio of print production possibilities.

Small publishers, emerging authors, copy shops that print dissertations and anyone else who wants to fulfil their dream of publishing (printing and binding) their own manuscript can all now rely on the experience and expertise of Pixartprinting, the leading web to print company. The major revolution it offers is the chance to print books online at competitive prices for all sizes of order, including short print runs, starting from a minimum of 10 copies. This comes with the guarantee that has always seen Pixartprinting's service stand out from its competitors: customers are assured ease of use, cutting-edge technology, high print quality, quick, guaranteed delivery times and pre- and post-sale customer service.

“Our mission is to constantly expand our catalogue to meet emerging needs. The trend we are currently seeing in this sector is increasing demand from a wide variety of clients for printing just a few copies of books”, Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Pixartprinting commented.“We have always paid great attention to technological innovation, and particularly in the manufacturing sector. Thanks to our implementation of dedicated cutting-edge production lines, we can offer competitive solutions in terms of price and minimum quantities that other players on the market cannot match".

In the dedicated section of the online shop customers can choose from four different book formats (11x18 cm, 15x21 cm, 17x24cm and 21x29.7 cm), all produced with stitched paperback binding, for long-lasting results and the highest possible binding quality. The inside pages are printed digitally in black and white on uncoated 90 gsm paper. The choice of cover is an important part of making a project stand out, and on this front too Pixartprinting offers a range of options: covers with or without flaps, with matte or gloss lamination, and printed in colour or in black and white.

Customers with specific requests for publishing products such as books, catalogues or magazines, including longer print runs, can create their ideal solution by choosing their preferred grammage of paper for the inside pages, their favoured cover material and the most suitable binding technique, with options to choose from ranging from stitched paperback binding to perfect binding, wiro binding and stapled binding. Another plus is the opportunity to add various finishes to further enhance the project.


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