30 May 2023
Drytac explains why high-quality release liners are crucial to easy printing and installation.

Why release liner quality is essential for great graphics

When installing self-adhesive graphics, the last thing you probably think about is the remnants you throw away. However, the quality of these remnants - better known as release liners - can make a significant difference to the printing and installation process of a graphic, and the end result.

Print businesses around the world are discovering the benefits of remote monitoring, automated reports and team connectivity with HP's PrintOS software.

Take remote control of your printing with HP PrintOS

Are you making the most of your printing systems? The answer is probably 'no'. There's likely to be a little-used function of your printer, an ink option you haven't explored, a software feature that could make your job easier.

Software isn't just a necessary add-on to printing hardware. In the digital world print service providers can use software to open an incredible variety of doors.

Ricoh blog: Unlock the full potential of print with software

We're well and truly living in the digital era. Most of us are carrying around phones with greater power than the Apollo 11 lunar space capsule, with more opportunities for communication, information, and entertainment than Neil, Buzz and Michael could have thought possible in 1969.

Drytac offers advice on choosing floor graphics solutions for new carpets - a potentially tricky installation surface.

Installing floor graphics on carpet - some tips for success

Floor graphics are a great marketing medium and, increasingly, an essential communication tool thanks to their effectiveness in guiding people around a space. It's crucial that floor decals or markers are installed correctly to avoid slips and trips and the graphics product itself is safe for its environment.

How Ricoh is empowering print with large-format innovations.

How Ricoh is empowering print with large-format innovations

Ricoh has made its globally recognised name in office solutions, providing document services, consulting, software and hardware to customers around the world.

Terry Raghunath discusses the latest HP Latex R-Series 2020.

Terry Raghunath discusses the latest HP Latex R-Series 2020

Interview with Terry Raghunath on the latest HP Latex R-Series 2020 Edition webinar.