17 Jan 2022
The Graphics Tree take a stroll down the leafy lane of HP past.

The Graphical Tree take a stroll down the leafy lane of HP past

A guest blog by Simon McClelland Morris, Founder & Director at The Graphical Tree and a passionate advocate of ethical and moral practices, for an ecological, sustainable and regenerative future.

This 290-page handbook of how to achieve continuing profits in the sublimation business is a must read from two of the industry’s founders and experts.

The Road to Sublimation Success a new book by David Gross

Graphics One is pleased to announce the availability of The Road to Sublimation Success: Harnessing the Power of Sublimation for Outstanding Profits by David Gross and J. Stephen Spence.

HP launched the world's first water based outdoor durable ink, HP latex ink technology.

Drytac guest blog: How HP Latex ink works

Have you ever wondered how HP Latex ink works? Read on for more information…

Drytac explains how products imbued with antimicrobial technology can help fast food outlets protect surfaces from bacteria, fungi and mould in between cleaning.

How fast food outlets can win with antimicrobial technology

With the food, beverages and hospitality sectors having been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, Drytac has sounded out how its Protac AMP antimicrobial protection film can help restaurants reopen as the world begins to edge back towards normality.

Drytac guest blog - Types of inks for digital printing - Understanding how print media and ink technology work is key.

Drytac guest blog: how print media and ink technology work

My kids love visiting Roland DGA headquarters to see all the different types of printers and the cool things our inkjets can produce. They typically ask me to print on a variety of things, ranging from banners and stickers to clothing and backpacks.

Drytac maintains a close relationship with hardware and ink manufactures to ensure its products achieve the best results. As part of this close collaboration, Drytac has launched a series of ink blogs written by some of these leading businesses.

The fundamentals of getting ink to stick to any chosen media

We spoke to ink experts Fujifilm about the science of getting ink to stick to media, and to Drytac about the part that ink profiles play in optimising that process.