17 Jan 2022
A multi-purpose graphics film could seem like a good deal, but you may end up spending more money and time than you bargained for. Jerry Hill from Drytac explains why.

One film does not fit all - Why specialist products pay off

The term 'multi-purpose' sounds great. One product for different applications, helping your business keep costs low and stock keeping units (SKU) simple - what's not to like?

More customers are asking about print sustainability, so it's important to get up to speed on certifications. Learn about the most common labels and what they mean.

Wearing the badge: eco certifications and what they mean

Buying a product with a sustainability certification can be great for your business. As well as reducing your environmental impact, and potentially your costs, you can pass that assurance on to your customers.

To see the same number of clients and do the same number of jobs, we need to adapt. HP's new large-format printers are designed for a new socially distanced world.

How technology can help design professionals adapt post-COVID

Any architect who has had to negotiate the new one-way systems on construction sites will know site visits often take much longer than they used to. But that doesn’t stop them being important.

To find the best equipment for your T-shirt printing business it's important to know the benefits and drawbacks of the different technologies available.

Garment printing – finding the right technology for your business

If you want to start a new garment printing business, or replace your current T-shirt printing technology, there are probably more options available to you now than ever before.

Silvering can be a problem for photography and fine art, but one that can be solved. Drytac's Gilbert Espinosa explains how to eliminate these silvery lines.

Drytac Blog: Combat silvering to create gold-star work

Silvering is a common issue that occurs when laminating a printed job. It's caused by tiny bubbles of air getting trapped under the lamination, creating the appearance of hazy or silver reflective lines.

Ricoh blog: How to bring the benefits of large format to your print operation.

Bringing the benefits of large format to your print operation

Ricoh recently hosted a webinar about large format print and how print businesses could benefit from adding these services to their operations. You can catch up with the session on-demand here.