21 May 2022

ScreenServices expands in 50th year with third Zünd S3

Screen Services Zund S3

ScreenServices is marking 50 years in the decal and label market – with no plans to slow down: the company has invested in an additional Zünd S3 digital cutting table to increase its productivity and further boost its competitiveness.

Located in Pelaw, North-East England, ScreenServices's core business is the manufacture of vehicle branding, safety decals and labels, primarily for the construction and agricultural equipment markets. As a first-tier supplier with established global supply partnerships with the major OEMs in these markets, the company now plans to capitalise on recent business gains and expand in the automotive and caravan markets.

To achieve this, ScreenServices has invested in a third Zünd S3 M1600 with sheet feeder to join its two existing, identical Zünd models, in its finishing department. The trio will work to perform precision cutting of decals on vinyl, polycarbonate, plastic and other materials.

"In order to realise growth, in terms of machinery investment, we needed to position ourselves in the best possible place to retain our capability for high-volume production and a competitive edge," explains Jason Charlton, Chief Executive, ScreenServices.

"After carrying out extensive research we decided that the Zünd cutting system was the best in market to match our needs, which were to increase both capacity and capability whilst also making the department more efficient in terms of staff and costs."

The two Zünd machines already installed at ScreenServices 'have certainly proven to be a huge asset to our business', he adds, and the team is awaiting the installation of the third.

"Due to their speed the Zünds have given us the capability to increase the amount of work we are able to produce, but also have improved efficiency within the department. As we have auto-feed machines this means they do not need to be permanently staffed, which in turn means staff are freed up to do other work whilst the machines are running. It also means that we do not need to employ additional staff to increase the volume of work we can produce.

"Another benefit of the Zünd is that it has a built-in camera which allows for automatic adjustment in the cutting area to compensate for any stretch, etc, in material. This ultimately saves money in terms of having less wastage."

The camera and sheet feeder are optional components for the Zünd S3, which is designed to be configured to meet each user's unique needs both upon installation and in the future: modules can be upgraded or swapped at any time, with the chassis robust enough to withstand 24-7 operation for years. A wide range of tools is available for cutting, engraving, routing, polishing and other applications on a variety of materials, making the Zünd range ideal for businesses in the automotive, sign and graphics, packaging, textiles, leather, technical textiles industries and more.

Many businesses, including ScreenServices, have also benefitted from the enhanced automation, ergonomic design and safety standards integral to Zünd cutting systems. They are user-friendly while requiring minimal interaction from the operator and produce excellent quality work while withstanding busy work environments, making a third system ideal for ScreenServices's existing blue chip clients and for its expansion into new areas.

For further information on Zünd cutting systems, or to book a visit to Zünd UK's dedicated demonstration suite, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..